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An Export oriented industry manufacturing and exporting of coir matting and rugs, jute carpets and rugs, coir door mats, coco rubber mats, coir matting mats, rubber mats, polypropylene(Synthetic) Mats etc. We also manufacture Erosion control products like coir geotextiles, coir log, coir netting etc. Established in the year 2017, Aavees has an Impressive track record in the export industry as the company offers an exotic range of products, in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Right from coir door mats to coir floor covering to jute floor covering and rubber door mats.

Backed by a team of design and marketing professionals, and equipped with most modern Computer Aided Designs and Graphic packages, Aavees, brings you a unique set of designs to choose from.

The excellent tear resistance and pulling of our products, is the result of our special formulation. Aavees specializes in manufacturing natural floor covering products and customized Monogram mats. The professional workmanship and a full fledged production unit of the company have helped in meeting the varied demands of all capacity. This has proved beneficial in extending the company trade network to almost all European, American and South-Eastern and far-Eastern companies.

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